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Rick Conrad (Trustee)
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Richard Donahue (Zoning Inspector)

Welcome to the official website of Penfield Township

Welcome. We hope you find the information you are looking for at our website. Please contact us with any questions. Click here to download our Spring 2015 Newsletter.

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NEW!Route 18 to close on March 23rd!


ODOT informed us that route 18, between Indian Hollow and Foster Road will be closed on March 23rd for 45 days for culvert repair.The closure was deferred from the March 16th Date.

NEW†† Lorain County Wireless Notification System


Lorain County recently implemented a wireless emergency notification system (WENS), which is sometimes referred to as a reverse 911.With this, the county, or any political subdivision (City, Township, etc.) can issue warnings or emergency information, such as weather alerts, boil alerts, and so forth.It should prove to be a useful tool that can disseminate information to a target group very quickly.


The system can contact you via telephone, cell phone, (Voice or text), or email, whichever you choose.


If you would like to be included, and we hope that you will, please click on the link below and provide the information on the registration sheet.



Your Penfield Township Officials



P.S. Feel free to respond with any questions that you may have.




Penfield is part of K.E.Y.


Many of you may have seen the news release about K.E.Y. (Keystone Empowers You).The goal of the KEY Collaborative is to increase access to physical activity and healthy foods leading to a Keystone School District community where the healthy choice is the easiest choice for seniors, school-aged children, parents, adults, and individuals who work for a Keystone community employer.

While it references the Keystone School District, itís only connection is that it is using the school district to define the geographical area that the collaboration entails.

Some of the projects that stem from KEY, that you might notice, will be healthier choices at the concession stands and improvements to the Penfield walking trail at the recreation park.

††††††††††††††††††††† To learn more click this link:K.E.Y.(Keystone Empowers You)


†† Reflective Address Signs


These signs are available to residents at no charge and make it much easier for emergency personnel to locate your home.If you would like one, contact any of your trustees, The South Lorain County Ambulance District, or The Wellington Fire Department.

Pass this information on to anyone within the township who needs one of these signs.


†† Jones Road Bridge


The Jones Road bridge over the Black River was scheduled to be replaced mid-summer of next year.The county engineers did their annual inspection and found that the bridge had gotten worse than expected, they therefore closed it until it can be replaced.

It will still not be replaced until next year, but with some luck, it might be moved up to late winter or early spring.

†† †††††††††††Rumpke Pickup Information


Rumpke is sending out a mailer which contains information about their services, including bulky items, day of service, holiday schedule etc.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Click here to download their mailer.

†† ††††††††Reminder Ė Free Address Signs


We want to remind you that the green address signs do more than help the mail service deliver your mail.They help emergency personnel, such as firemen and EMTs, locate your home quickly in an emergency, when every second could make a vital difference.These signs are available free of charge.All you need do is contact one of the Township Trustees, the Wellington Fire Department, or South Lorain County Ambulance District.They will even be delivered to you.


††† ††††††Donít be a victim of Cyber Crime!


Donít think it canít happen to you.Cyber Crime can happen to anyone.Please click here to read how you can make yourself less vulnerable to Cyber Crime.


Click here to download Cyber Crime information.

- The Southern Lorain County Ambulance District, Wellington Fire District, and the Lorain County Sheriff serve Penfield Township.

Wellington, Grafton, Litchfield, Lagrange, and Spencer Post Offices serve the Township.

North Coast Wireless Communications provides phone service as well as internet service.†† Frontier and Windstream also provide phone service.Columbia Gas, Lorain Medina Rural Electric, and Rural Lorain County Water Authority provide utilities.