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Welcome to the official website of Penfield Township

Welcome. We hope you find the information you are looking for at our website. Please contact us with any questions. Click here to download our Fall 2013 Newsletter.


Dumpster Day


The Township will be hosting the last dumpster day of the year on Saturday, October 18th from 8:00AM until 4:00 PM.


Residents may bring scrap metal, motor oil, car & farm batteries and general trash.

Items not acceptable include: Hazardous material, paint, tires, and construction debris.

Some residents have abused the prohibition on construction debris in the past and the Trustees reserve the right to reject any load not deemed acceptable.


Cemetery Work Session


The cemetery is a reflection of our community and we try to keep it looking nice, but it takes a lot of work. Mother Nature always provides us with many things to do.


Throughout Summer we will be holding volunteer work sessions at the cemetery on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 2:00. We will be cleaning, weeding, straightening headstones, and raising headstones. Any help would be appreciated. If you would like to help, just show up. Bring gloves, something to drink, and anything else you think you might need.


Hope to see you there.


NCW News


As you probably already know, the NCW tower at the park is up and running. There has been a lot of frustration and disappointment since, for many of us, there is no discernable improvement. Please be patient. The tower is a work-in-progress that will take some time to evolve. Here is what we should expect.


First phase. The customers who are closest to the tower will be switched over first. The equipment that is currently on the tower works best for line-of-sight applications at fairly close distances. This should reduce some of the load or demand on the Wellington tower and increase performance for those customers still receiving service from that tower.


In the second phase, additional equipment will be added to the tower that has more range and can penetrate trees better. At that point, more customers will be switched over to the Penfield tower.


In the third and subsequent phases, equipment with even more range and penetrating power will be utilized. Also, some other means will be deployed to address the low elevation, heavily wooded sections of the township. This phase should have most everyone up to a respectable level of service.


NCW wants to remind customers that they can get one free month of service for every customer referral that they make.


Please be patient and understanding. NCW is taking its Penfield customers seriously and is working to make us all satisfied customers.


Rumpke Pickup Information


Rumpke is sending out a mailer which contains information about their services, including bulky items, day of service, holiday schedule etc.

Click here to download their mailer.

Reminder Free Address Signs


We want to remind you that the green address signs do more than help the mail service deliver your mail. They help emergency personnel, such as firemen and EMTs, locate your home quickly in an emergency, when every second could make a vital difference. These signs are available free of charge. All you need do is contact one of the Township Trustees, the Wellington Fire Department, or South Lorain County Ambulance District. They will even be delivered to you.


Dont be a victim of Cyber Crime!


Dont think it cant happen to you. Cyber Crime can happen to anyone. Please click here to read how you can make yourself less vulnerable to Cyber Crime.


Click here to download Cyber Crime information.

- The Southern Lorain County Ambulance District, Wellington Fire District, and the Lorain County Sheriff serve Penfield Township.

Wellington, Grafton, Litchfield, Lagrange, and Spencer Post Offices serve the Township.

North Coast Wireless Communications provides phone service as well as internet service. Frontier and Windstream also provide phone service. Columbia Gas, Lorain Medina Rural Electric, and Rural Lorain County Water Authority provide utilities.