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Celebrate Township Pride Day

and get a start to your spring cleaning! 

Township Pride Day

SATURDAY, May 21st

9am to Noon


Dumpster Day

SATURDAY, May 21st

8am to 3pm

  • Residents may bring scrap metal, motor oil, and large non-hazardous items.

  • Residents may NOT bring hazardous material, paint, tires, batteries, or excessive construction debris.

  • Each resident will be limited to one pickup truck- sized load.

  • ID required. 

Some residents have abused the prohibition on construction debris in the past and the Trustees reserve the right to reject any load not deemed acceptable.

Other alternatives for disposal of large items include Rumpke large item pickup

(which you can utilize once per month.

Visit or call 800-828-8171 for details),

Republic Services Lorain County Landfill,

or you can rent a dumpster from several companies, including Rumpke.

Passenger car tires, on or off the rim, may be taken to Grafton Township Hall,

17109 Avon Belden Road

or the County Collection Center,

at 540 South Abbe Road in Elyria.

The County Collection Center also accepts hazardous items, such as paint, antifreeze, recyclable materials, and items to be shredded.

For more information on what the county accepts, visit:

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